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Market Pulse International are Global Specialists in Retail Performance Evaluation. Market Pulse was established in 1989, in Auckland New Zealand and is one of New Zealand's leading providers of Mystery Shopping and Performance Management programmes. We are the driving force behind the “Caltex Mystery Shop Programme” which has been extensively marketed by Caltex New Zealand. Market Pulse has offices in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, Latin America and North America.

Our clients come from various service and retail sectors including oil, banking, fashion, electronics, communications, fresh produce and fast food.

Most of our clients conduct Mystery Shopping programmes to obtain an objective measurement of the customer service and selling skills provided by their customer service teams. This information is used to develop and enhance training programmes, provide incentive programme measurements and generally provide motivation to improve performance.

The information that you, as a Mystery Shopper, and Market Pulse provide to our clients forms the basis of marketing, human resource and training programmes as well as strategic planning.

As a Mystery Shopper you are armed with the ability to positively influence the retail industry and service standards throughout your country. You do this through presenting yourself as a regular shopper and visit stores covertly (under cover) to evaluate the service and quality of the product.

Enjoy your shopping experience!


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